How to cope with PMS emotional rollercoaster

A bad mood of ukrainian ladies in days before periods is the subject of many jokes and ironic utterances. In fact, an aggressive and hysterical behavior during PMS is a reason to send a girl to a doctor, not to joke.

In order to understand what to do with the bad mood in PMS, it is important to understand some of the main information regarded this topic.

  • What is PMS?
  • Post Menstrual Syndrom is always a hormonal imbalance. This means that some hormones are overproduced or, on the contrary, there is not enough of them. This causes the woman to feel some symptoms. And these symptoms are not reduced to only a bad mood. A woman may feel stomach pain or headaches a few days before menstruation, as well as increased pressure or high temperature, she may feel weak and even depressed. The stronger the imbalance, the more pronounced will the symptoms of PMS be. If the imbalance is light, then the woman may not notice its effect.

    PMS depends on lifestyle. When we are active, healthy, happy, in love, we usually do not have PMS. Symptoms are so insignificant that we may not notice them. On the contrary, there are factors that increase the hormonal imbalance. These factors interfere with the normal development of female hormones:

    -excessive physical activity - if a woman spends too much time in the gym, she begins to produce an excessive amount of testosterone male hormone. In this case, problems with the menstrual cycle may begin;

    -bad diet - the lack of useful substances, or when the body feels under severe restrictions in food, lead, in particular, to hormonal imbalance;

    -syndrome of chronic fatigue, here it is possible to include stress.

    For the expressed PMS it is necessary to eliminate the cause, not the consequences. PMS is not a disease, and this condition should not be treated if it does not prevent you from living. If your mood or other symptoms of PMS spoil the life of you and your relatives, you should go to the gynecologist. Depending on the type of PMS the doctor will prescribe treatment.

  • What is the treatment?
  • If you are moody during your PMS, and you know what to do about it, you can just cry, read a book, watch a nice movie, chat with a girlfriend or eat a chocolate bar, and your life is getting better.

    Depending on the symptoms and possible causes that affect the symptoms, four types of PMS can be distinguished: swollen, neuropsychiatric, crisis and cephalalgic. Changes in mood, such as irritability, aggressiveness, depression, loss of strength, are typical for the neuropsychic form. In addition, some women even experience auditory and olfactory hallucinations, memory problems, feelings of fear, or suicidal thoughts during PMS. As you can see, PMS is not a thing to joke about!

  • How to avoid troubles?
  • To prevent bad mood during the PMS, adjust your schedule so you have time for work and for rest, try to include exercising and working out, so you will have more energy and feel less tension. Eat more foods saturated with vitamin B6: walnuts, fish, liver, and soy. Do not forget about vegetables and fruits as foods containing fiber. But the consumption of alcohol, coffee, tea, chocolate in the last phase of the cycle should better be limited.