What lies behind perfect Instagram pictures

Today many people literally live in the virtual world, our perception of the world is extremely influenced by social networks and events in real life depend on what is happening in the feed. But more often everything we see on Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks are happy faces and the perfect life of their owners. Who are all these people and what lies behind a beautiful embellished photo? And what is not less vital, how to react to this, maybe fake, happiness around?

When the view outside our window is gray and cold and we are sick and tired of the heavy work routine, the Facebook or Instagram feed is full of photographs from the beaches of Egypt, Morocco or Bali, images of gourmet restaurants and charming trips videos, or the pics of stunning russian girls for marriage in the arms of handsome fit men.

Who are all these people?

Life cannot be put into a single template, so people who choose to make their content vivid and perfect are all different. They can be divided into three categories.

  • First category: "lucky ones"
  • Indeed, there are some people who really show what is happening in their life. And, yes, they have a lot of good positive things happening every day, and they share their happiest rays with others, sincerely believing that they bring joy and make others happier.

  • Second category: "selective ones"
  • Into this category fall the people who choose to share something positive, because for some reason they are afraid to share real problems and hide them. Very often these people behave in the same way in their normal life: only their closest people can tell that they are not really as good as they may seem.

  • Category three: "air mongers"
  • These people take the saying "fake it till you make it" too serious and show the best or even the fantasy side of their life. For these people, the boundaries between fantasies and reality are erased, and they begin to lock themselves in their imaginary screen, ignoring their real problems. For such a person a bright colorful post in the social network and the likes collected are a short-term cure for depression, apathy, internal pain, and loneliness.

    How to react to pictures of a happy life?

    When a person posts only perfect posts in social networks, she has the full right to do it, regardless of what prompted her to post this or that post. This is her intention and her responsibility. The way you react to these posts is your right and your responsibility. If you like the posts that a person publishes, write her a positive comment, and if you don’t, you too have the right to have the negative feelings. But instead of attacking a person and writing angry or depressing comments, it's better to think why you are experiencing these feelings.